Thoughts on long runs, eyesight, fatigue

In  no particular order.

It’s funny that Saturday’s post about the magnificence of my body has been followed by several days of disaster. Who could have seen THAT coming, huh? To recap:

Sunday’s run
Distance: .8 miles

Yes. This would be the result of staying overnight at my parents’ house, waking up and discovering I had only one contact lens but trying to run anyway. El-oh-els. My contact prescription is for -2.25, whatever that means, so I’m certainly nearsighted but it’s not crippling. I thought I could hack it. Less than half a mile into what I planned on being a 12 miler, I squintingly conceded that this was not going to happen. In the end, it was fine. I trotted home, went for a little walk with my mom, hit up the farmer’s market and had brunch. Later in the day I walked to my YMCA and swam 12oo meters, my longest swim in a very long time.

Monday’s run
Distance: 12 miles
Effort: About what you’d expect for running 12 miles

This was an example of why we do our long runs on weekends, ya hear? I got up at the ass crack of dawn and started running. By ass crack, I mean 6:15 a.m., which is insanely early by reporter standards. I ran 8 miles and met up with my friend H., who is injured, ran three with her, and ran one mile home. It was a good, solid run, and I was totally wrecked the rest of the day. Fortunately, I had to work! It’s good to keep this in mind. I am usually good up to 10 miles or so, but any longer (or much harder) and it is very difficult for me to be a productive worker bee. I did write two stories, though, one of which forced me to take notes from a paddleboat, so it’s all good.

Today, I’m tired. Very tired. In fact, I blog this from the couch at home, where I came after realizing that I could not work at all. I am hoping for a good night’s rest and a nice run tomorrow. It’s been sunny and not hot, and I ought to take advantage of it.

One response to “Thoughts on long runs, eyesight, fatigue

  1. i’m -12.0 on the left and -11.0 on the right. doesn’t get much blinder! other than being actually blind, i suppose.

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