I celebrate myself.

Distance: 7.2 miles
Effort: Fair to medium
Of note: Ran this in 56:55. I know, stats!

Our bodies are so funny. I have been trying desperately to get enough sleep and eat well all week, and have had middling runs at best. It’s been annoying. Even more annoying, friends, is how today I prepared for my seven-miler by:

-Drinking all night
-Going to bed at 3:45
-Getting up at 9 a.m.
-Only drinking an iced coffee before I ran, in the hot sun, at 11 a.m.

And how was the run? Freakin’ fantastic. After a slow first two miles or so, I just naturally opened up and cruised. What was likely  helpful was doing it on this marked path near my parents’ houe (where I am crashing briefly today) that has mile markers every tenth of a mile. It’s like a Garmin, without the weird tan lines.

Anyway, I bring up the v. poor preparation to run not to brag, but rather to marvel. Our bodies are pretty fantastic things that we don’t understand very well, it seems. And while I can say with some certainty that continuing to get no sleep, drink too much, poorly hydrate and run in the heat will not help me to my goals, it’s nice to know that my corporeal self will roll its eyes, sigh and give me a pass once in a while. Thanks, dude.

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