And…I’m back. Bless you, mobile broadband, for allowing me to flip open my work laptop and write about running from the comfort of my parents’ Honda that I have stolen while they are on vacation in Colorado.

A brief recap of the past week’s runs:

Saturday I ran 7 miles in Central Park, where I should never be allowed to run. You know that competitive sense of having to beat the person in front of you? It’s great during a race, benign when you are on a country road, and REALLY BAD when you run one of the most trafficked parts of the world…on a national holiday.

Sunday I ran about 11 miles in bucolic Morris County. It was a nice run. At one point, as I ran down a gentle slope near a farm, I thought, “I am so LUCKY! I love running!” Less than five minutes later I hit the uphill, and decided I hated my life.

Monday I did strength training, which is boring.

Tuesday I ran 8 hilly miles. Apparently there is only one route I can run in my neighborhood that is not laden with hills. Lame.

Wednesday I aquajogged, and did strength training, and it’s a marvel I didn’t pass out from the boredom.

Thursday I ran 8 miles with a 3-mile tempo in the middle. The tempo section was the same as a 5K route that went on tonight. There is a fat hill in the middle that sucked the life out of me.

Which brings us to the present. I feel okay about the past week’s training…again, being without training partners is a pain in the ass. If I had more accountability, I likely would have done track on Tuesday, which would have kept me on the straight and narrow for a race I’m planning on later this month. So, really, no doubt I dodged the blog. Never again (she swore).

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