Distance: 5 ish
Effort: Minimal
Extras: I’ve been doing lunges after I run and am now REALLY sore in the quad region. So I skipped out on those today.

There’s something about getting home at 2:30 a.m. and running seven hours later that just doesn’t work for me. I’m such a morning person by design, that even when I borderline get enough sleep, going to bed late just screws up my day. But…you’re only 25 once. And you only get your 2009 4th of July three-day weekend once. So, in conclusion, I don’t terribly mind a humid, kinda crappy run once in a while.

The run? It was fine. 2.6 out, 2.6 back, and I didn’t get heckled. I can’t say the same for my experience at the 24-hour store last night when I got off the train. How is it that I can not understand anything the cashier is saying to me, but still know I’m being mocked? Anyway, it’s interesting, because I don’t often run less than six or seven miles – not because those distances are bad, just because I try to keep my running days to four or five days a week, and on those days I try to beef up my mileage a little. Today, for my lethargic five, I rather enjoyed knowing that the run would be over sooner rather than later.

I had plans to swim this afternoon, but I’m swapping them for a nap. I think it’s a solid choice.

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