Daily Archives: July 2, 2009

Shoe fetish

I rarely expound on this topic, but today’s question at Take it and Run Thursday challenges us to pick a subject that causes “fireworks” among runners. So far, I’ve met few people with my perspective, but I stand by it, darnit. Ready?

I don’t think running shoes really matter.

Yeah, yeah, you shouldn’t run in high heels, and you probably shouldn’t do a marathon in Converse All Stars, but besides that? I think any decent running shoe will do you well.

I’ve read all about the wet test to see your foot type, and how you can get molds made and so on. Maybe there’s merit to it. Maybe it only matters if you have arches like K2 or a club foot. I tend to think people are really overly fussy about their shoes, and if they have running injuries, they ought to blame them on their knees, their hips or themselves.

I, personally, run in the Asics Gel-Cumulus with Spenco insoles. It’s a neutral shoe. I’ve had injuries with it and without it, and I’ve stuck with them because they’re comfortable and relatively inexpensive. I believe the quality of shoes is important – they shouldn’t fall apart after a month. But neutral, motion control, support? Y’all, cavemen ran down saber tooth tigers and shite in their bare feet. Let’s give our bodies some credit. In the meantime, I’m going to wear the shoes that make me feel like a rock star. Because feeling fast, in my unsolicited opinion, is really half the battle.