Tuesday track: Dodging gym class

I am increasingly wishing I had a track buddy or a training group for workouts. Unfortunately, my weirdo work schedule ensures that I work out when no one else is inclined to run. This is nice in one sense, as the track is rarely crowded, but also annoying because it becomes easier to screw around during workouts.

Today’s track set came courtesy of my friend H., who would probably do track with me if she weren’t all hurt with runningtoomuchitis. It went like this:

1600 in 6:38, 400 recovery
1200 in 4:55, 400 recovery
2 x 800 in 3:08, 3:11, 200 recovery after each
Now, here I was supposed to do 2×400, but 300 into the first one the high school gym class came out and started doing jumping jacks on the field. I was “distracted,” so I stopped and retrieved my shirt. Then I screwed around for .75 of a lap and did one 400 in 93.

All in all, not a terrible workout, but my knees kind of feel like crap now. Also, I feel myself spiraling into my old habits of “throwing” my workouts at the beginning – a.k.a., going out way too hard in the beginning and then not being able to finish strong. It is a stupid thing to do, and it totally pyschs me out. Also, it defeats the entire point of the workout, it seems.


2 responses to “Tuesday track: Dodging gym class

  1. Nice workout! I finally found a speedwork group that meets at 5:30 AM. Definitely a lot more fun.

  2. Yeah, track workouts are so much better in a group! I would be totally happy with your workout though…intervals are always tough.

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