Today’s best in North Jersey news

Still without a camera, so a sampling of the Garden State’s shenanigans will have to do.

“Real Housewife” Danielle plans court action to ban sex pictures – note that she did not actually file anything yet. But still. Wish I were still covering Passaic County!

Montclair man jailed after attack on cop – this guy attacked a Clifton officer with a spike!!

South Plainfield teachers to boycott graduation – sort of a convoluted story, but kids said they wouldn’t drink at prom and then they did, getting themselves banned from graduation. Then the parents complained and the kids get to walk, but now the teachers say they won’t volunteer. Whatever. Drinking is for the shore!

Closing arguments in James Zarate trial – This is just a horrific story about a 16-year-old girl who was murdered. The brother, Jonathan, was convicted last year. I’ve been following the whole thing with a kind of sick fascination.


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