Weekend runs


Distance: 7.something
Effort: Minimal
Extras: Dancing on a float in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. What? Oh, yes, that would be my Saturday afternoon. Along with a group of young ladies and two brave men, I took the subway to Coney Island, jumped on a float, and danced for what seemed like forever…dressed in granny-style bras and underwear. But I did have my umbrella and green Asics, so all is well.


Distance: 11.2
Effort: I tried to keep it easy, but apparently my diet of beer, vodka and Nathan’s Famous cheese fries didn’t do much to fuel my run. Frankly, I’m shocked I was able to finish at all.
Extras: Immediate icing of both knees, which started to fail by the end.

Now, to pick up the shards of my life and get ready for the work week. Also, browse the Internet to see if any horrifying Mermaid Parade pictures made it to someone’s blog. I was wearing a beard and giant sunglasses, but still…


One response to “Weekend runs

  1. Now I want to see pics!

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