Daily Archives: June 8, 2009


I think lifting weights is horrible, boring and ultimately fruitless. But I do like the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror under the guise of “strengthening,” so I’ll deal.


As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the long, drawn out process of recovering from injury. In a recent post on the Well blog, Tara Parker-Pope interviews Kara Goucher, who I love both because she is awesome and is from Minnesota. In the interview, Goucher mentions that weight training can both prevent injury and make you a better runner. Seeing as Kara Goucher could probably tell me to bite only my pinky nail to become a better runner and I would obey, and weight training is a lot less weird, I’ve decided to become better at getting strong.

Today, my routine went something like this:

-Various hip adductor/abductor exercises
-Lateral pulldown
-Bicep curls with medicine balls
-Chest press machine
-Dumbbell shoulder press
-Calf raises
One-legged squats
Abdominal exercises until I got bored

This took about 50 minutes, which included much sighing and procrastinating. I feel satisfied.

Since I mentioned the Well blog, I feel I should point out that TPP is doing a whole series on running as she leads up to running the New York City Marathon (a choice I have mixed feelings about, but we’ll see how it goes for her). Most of the posts, however, are applicable to all kinds of running. Some of my faves are:

Making Sense of Exercise Advice

Runners Tell Their Stories

My Brief Life as a Woman (this one isn’t actually about running, but it’s very funny and Dana Jennings is from New Jersey. I am all about state pride.)