Why I don’t food blog

029You know, I read and enjoy food blogs. I think they’re fun, and daily meals are a really neat vehicle of sharing your life. I like to eat and I eat frequently. But, as I considered starting this thing up (and we’re still in the “soft opening” stage), I knew I couldn’t hack the food blogging thing.

Two major reasons:

1. I find uploading pictures a pain in the ass.
2. On most weekdays, I eat the same thing for dinner, and most of the time it is at my desk.

It didn’t use to be like this. When I lived at home with my high-school teacher mother, we had delicious and varied food every night of the week. Of course, I also wanted to shoot myself because…well, I was living at home. When I moved out last year, I considered, for about three seconds, that I might be able to cook for myself every night. But when you are physiologically programmed to get hungry at 5:45 p.m. and your job often requires you to work until 9 p.m., something’s gotta give.

For me, it’s variety.

Curious how the reporter foodies out there function? Me too. A lot of people in my office get takeout almost every day, but at $7 for a sandwich, I’ll pass. Instead, I cook one, sometimes two meals on the weekend. I store them in the fridge, plop them in a tupperware before I leave for the day, and eat whenever I’m hungry. I try not to feel like a giant loser when I do this, but it works for me.

FYI, this week’s meals will be spaghetti squash with mushroom-tempeh tomato sauce and a variation on Goya’s Black Bean soup with peppers, onion and leftover brown basmati rice. It will be delicious, and is unlikely to get my keyboard sticky.


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