Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

And now, a word about newspapers

Today I wrote a story twice. Once, and then again when our crappy system crashed on my computer, eating my story and forcing me to rewrite it because I procrastinated writing it, rushed through and didn’t save it.

This has happened in the past. Most of the time, I freak out, but for some reason today I kept my cool (fyi, I think that “some reason” is because the first story wasn’t all that hot or long [boom boom] so I didn’t mind doing it again [zing]).

But most of the time I flip.

At my last paper, the system had a really beautiful way of freaking out if you pressed the backspace key too many times on a given document. Hit the magic number of backspace clicks and the cursor would immediately begin deleting your story, character by character, from the point you were at to the top of the story. Then it would freeze, preventing you from undoing the deletion, and gone would be anything you had written since you last saved it.


Our current system doesn’t have that quirk, for which I’m truly grateful. I’m actually grateful for a lot of things at my job, but honestly? Not being afraid to tap backspace is a biggie. Us writers make a lot of mistakes at first blush and have to backtrack asap to correct them.

In other news, I ran about 7.7 miles this morning, from my house to the route of the Morristown St. Patty’s Day 5K and back. It was nice. Then I rolled out, dicked around, and headed to work.

This post probably needs photos, but all I got are blurry ones of a weird decal I saw in front of me on my way to Trader Joe’s this evening. It looked, and my memory is fuzzy, but I believe it looked like a little man holding a ballon in the shape of a fist giving the middle finger. Gotta get one of those for my station wagon!