Aha, a run

I spent a year not running on Saturdays because I took a spin class with a woman who kicked my ass, and I kind of liked it. I even braved the soccer moms to take this class, and that’s saying a lot. But, since I moved, I am highly considering resuming running on Saturdays.

My rationale?

* It sets a nice tone for the weekend
* It leaves me with more time to do other things, like watch “The Biggest Loser” on Hulu
* It gives me an opportunity to run with other people at my local running store. I’ve actually been running with people from this store for a while, but only lately have gone to the group runs. There are much fewer soccer moms, and many more sassy Irish guys.

So, as I was saying, I ran this morning. We did a loop to Loantaka Park, which is about five miles if you round up. Last time I ran with this group, we did it very, very fast. This time I stubbornly kept my pace reasonable, and we finished in 39:40. Or so I have been told. Having lost my Garmin, I can’t be sure.

Loantaka is actually gorgeous, and one of the reasons I am loving my new hood. I went walking there last week, and took some pics. Here they are:

I'm not a great photographer. Obv.

I'm not a great photographer. Obv.

You get the idea.


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