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Aha, a run

I spent a year not running on Saturdays because I took a spin class with a woman who kicked my ass, and I kind of liked it. I even braved the soccer moms to take this class, and that’s saying a lot. But, since I moved, I am highly considering resuming running on Saturdays.

My rationale?

* It sets a nice tone for the weekend
* It leaves me with more time to do other things, like watch “The Biggest Loser” on Hulu
* It gives me an opportunity to run with other people at my local running store. I’ve actually been running with people from this store for a while, but only lately have gone to the group runs. There are much fewer soccer moms, and many more sassy Irish guys.

So, as I was saying, I ran this morning. We did a loop to Loantaka Park, which is about five miles if you round up. Last time I ran with this group, we did it very, very fast. This time I stubbornly kept my pace reasonable, and we finished in 39:40. Or so I have been told. Having lost my Garmin, I can’t be sure.

Loantaka is actually gorgeous, and one of the reasons I am loving my new hood. I went walking there last week, and took some pics. Here they are:

I'm not a great photographer. Obv.

I'm not a great photographer. Obv.

You get the idea.


I don’t know if I don’t like to sleep or if I just have a restless mind, but I’m an early riser.

Case in point: 6:15 a.m. on a Saturday, I’m up and at ’em. My roommates, I guarantee you, will be asleep for the next four hours.

It wasn’t always like this. I remember, as a kid, sleeping until all hours of the day. As a college kid, I would sleep late, too, or just not at all, and then crash during the day.

Still, as far as I can remember, I have always had fits of insomnia. I am not sure how that affects my early-risingness, but maybe it’s that my body is so thrilled not to have tossed and turned until 3 a.m., it figures it might as well take what it’s got and get up.

This may or may not be why I am a coffee drinker. I tend to think that part is genetic, though.

In any case, getting up early sucks for being a journalist because you don’t get into work until 10:30 a.m. and then you’re done when you’re done, but it rocks for running. Especially in the summer! Because it gets hot as balls the later it gets.

Today, I’m taking advantage of my shitty internal clock and going to my first yoga class at my new YMCA. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Y yoga, but never at this particular one. Fingers crossed I didn’t waste sleepy-time for a bunch of hippie-dippy forward folds.

Al principio

I’m starting a blog for the same reason I joined my local public radio station – guilt.

No! Not guilt. More in that I was taking and taking and not giving anything, which you can do, technically, because the public radio gods don’t come through your speakers and demand payment, but during those membership drives, you feel like a jerk for not giving.

So, coughed up my $100 and became a card-carrying member of WFUV, which is an awesome station, by the way. You can stream it online. I highly recommend it.

But in more pertinent matters, I’m blogging, and I’m blogging because I like to run. And write. And sometimes write about running, and really rarely run while I write, but I tend to think I should combine the two. Pretty much because my running friends don’t care about my newspaper work, my newspaper friends don’t care about my writing and I need an outlet. Also some training ideas.

So here goes.

I’m Sarah. It’s not a good name for nicknames. I’m 25, I live in New Jersey, I write news, and I’ve been running for the past five years or so. What started off as a way to get good at my first sport (Ultimate frisbee, which we took very seriously at my school) turned into a passion. It also helped that I was pretty good at it. So I dropped Ultimate for the most part (not a bad idea at 5-foot-almost-one), and focused on running.

Then the injuries came. Or really, one injury with a penchant for migrating. My left knee has ranged from cranky to intolerable for the past two years or so, and  sometimes my right knee feels left out and wants in on the fun. I’ve had a heck of a time rehabilitating these guys, and hopefully, after two years of dicking around with recovery, I’m on the right path.

So, like, now I wanna get fast again. And not hurt myself again. And survive in this business, and there will be more on that later. For now, I’ll leave you with these: